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Police Detective Criminal Case

Developer: Union apps

Do you want to join the New York Police and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to solve the series of criminal cases? Then download and play the fully featured Police Detective Criminal Case in the palm of your hand from Google Play Store at your android device for free. It offers you the most comprehensive captivating hidden object and adventure series. In Police Detective Criminal Case, as a detective/investigator of the U.S police need to drive the car and follow the map to reach the destination (crime scene). Investigate the crime scene for evidences, bring the suspects in for questioning and analyze the proofs to catch the murderer. Police Detective Criminal Case, is not the generic adventure game and there is no happy ending in this scenario, you can either win or lose the game.Game Features:• Investigate crime scene • 10 levels with different crime scene• Car driving during criminal case• Realistic car driving experience with investigation• Realistic sound environment• Examine clues and analyze the evidences• Interrogate the witnesses and defendants • Bring the killer to justice• Get help with your family and friends
Exercise your brain to find out more objects faster and feel sharper with every new scene. Logic and observation your key while playing the Police Detective Criminal Case.